Medical Finals Made Easy

For medics about to scream

for medics about to scream
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This is a shared information community for everyone about to sit, or interested in the finals exams for medicine MBChB. Members can share information, ask questions and are also encouraged to write short tutorials on any subject to enhance their own study and that of others.

The second motive is to encourage members to relax!! Life is fun, and an exam is not the end of the world. If you take it too seriously you'll only make yourself sick. I did. That's why I want to tell as many people as possible not to do the same.

There are a few rules:

1. Please don't spam too much with quizzes, links and the like - humorous posts are welcome though
2. If you have a correction to make, do so politely - flaming helps nobody
3. Try to participate as much as possible - think of this as an online study group
4. If you dont know, ask - better a fool for a minute than a fool for your whole life
5. Smile - it really will make the whole process feel better